Coming Soon – Sheep!

Despite the best of intentions, I have not kept up with this blog. So, once again, I am going to make a concerted effort to produce more posts on a somewhat regular basis. In the Fall I’ll be returning to fiber art in a more dedicated way. I’ll be washing wool, spinning, dyeing, weaving, and teaching. I’ll also be writing about our newest additions to the Athlone Farm/Baltimore Wool Company.

This afternoon we’ll be picking up and bringing home our first sheep! Our current population will be 5 llamas, 4 alpaca, 2 sheep, and 13 chickens. The sheep are a pair of adorable Jacob ewes that we’re adopting from a local rescue. We also plan to add a couple of Hog Island sheep  sometime in the near future.


Yesterday was dedicated to the construction of a summer house for the girls. While I’ve had llamas and alpacas for the last 15 years, sheep do have some different needs. The sheep girls will have their cozy new shed (fitted with a fan for summer,) as well as good hay, minerals, a water bucket and some nice pasture. I’ll be posting more once we have them settled in their new home. And in a year, all of that beautiful marbled fleece will be ready to shear.



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